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One aligned, inc.


Our Why

We believe our knowledge and expertise can serve our community and Nation, allowing us to play an active role in making the world a better place for our children.

About Us

One Aligned, Inc.'s idea came from our love for helping organizations, teams, and people achieve success. Our purpose is to use our knowledge and experience to help organizations navigate the complex business worlds of today and tomorrow.

Our vision is to help organizations of all sizes achieve greatness.

Our mission is to help organizations align their business to succeed in navigating the complexity of today's business environments so that they remain relevant and competitive in the future of their industry.

Our Values are integrity, excellence, inclusiveness and diversity, responsiveness, and accountability.

Our Services

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Business Transformation

We help align your organization for the future.

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Executive Coaching/Mentoring

We specialize in coaching and mentoring Executives down to Mid-line leaders.



We specialize in training Lean Six Sigma, Emergentics, and more.

Business Transformation

  • Organizational Design: Understanding the organization, the elements of organizational design, and aligning the key elements.
  • A strategic plan including mission, vision, strategic objectives, operational objectives, actions to achieve objectives, and measures (dashboard).
  • Digital Transformation: The integration of digital technology into all business areas, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. This will focus on the cultural shift needed to align the organization holistically. Incorporation of right-size Lean Six Sigma programs.

Executive Coaching/Mentoring

  • Developing Leaders to improve performance, achieve their goals, and become more effective leaders
  • Understanding the generations at play in the workforce
  • Understanding the digital future, such as the importance of digital transformation and the importance of making decisions with data


  • Project identification
  • Lean Six Sigma program: Green Belt and Black Belt
  • Emergenetics - Development
  • Culture & Change Management support/ plans: professional facilitation, Emergenetics, Team building (Sessions include real business problems)

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Why Align your organization?

"Alignment is not about getting everyone to agree; it's about getting everyone to commit."-Patrick Lencioni

To win, everyone in the organization must be aligned and committed to its vision and mission and understand how they contribute to its success.

In today's volatile business world, this alignment across the organization is vital with people, processes, and technology as the organization moves into the future; otherwise, the organization will not survive. -Amber LaBatt

Connect with Us

CAGE Code — 9GGR4


SAM Registration — Active

Service Area — Nationwide

Size Standard — Small Business

Mailing Address

1421 Solomon Rutter Rd

St. Leonard, MD 20685

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Amber LaBatt

Chief Executive Officer of One Aligned, Inc.

Amber D. LaBatt is a visionary, servant leader, and the Chief Executive Officer of One Aligned, Inc. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise in driving organizational success through strategic alignment and transformative change. With a profound belief that aligned organizations are primed for triumph in today's dynamic business landscape, Ms. LaBatt is committed to leveraging her extensive background to propel organizations toward greatness.

Professional Background: Amber's leadership journey is marked by her dedication to fostering excellence and alignment with individuals, teams, and organizations. With a Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Organizational Leadership and her current pursuit of a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (DSL), Amber continuously expands her knowledge and expertise to drive organizational success. Her robust track record in strategic planning and business transformation, combined with her ongoing academic endeavors, positions her as a trusted advisor and change agent in leadership and management.

Vision and Values: Under Amber's guidance, One Aligned, Inc. is dedicated to assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of the modern business world. The company's vision centers on fostering greatness, while its mission focuses on aligning businesses for sustained success. Amber and her team prioritize client satisfaction and long-term partnerships by upholding strong core values.

Amber's personal values, which she holds dear, extend beyond her professional life. As a loving wife and proud mother of two children who excel in competitive dance and soccer, she strives to instill kindness, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, gratitude, respect for diversity, self-confidence, generosity, and love within her children. These values, deeply ingrained in her, shape her into a compassionate and well-rounded individual, reflected in her professional endeavors.

Amber's leadership style is deeply rooted in her early life experiences. Raised and worked on her grandparents' dairy, tobacco, and cattle farm, she learned the value of hard work and the importance of personal relationships from a young age. Her service in the United States Marine Corps, where she served in Japan, North Carolina, and Operation Enduring Freedom in support of the Iraq War, further honed her values and commitment. These experiences have shaped her into a leader who can navigate the volatile and complex business environments of today with steadfastness and commitment.

Amber's commitment to excellence extends beyond the boardroom, reflecting her dedication to positively impacting her professional and personal spheres. As the driving force behind One Aligned, Inc., she stands ready to guide organizations toward enduring success, one aligned step at a time.